(IV) Prof. Neville A. Stanton

Chair in Human Factors Engineering
Transportation Research Group
University of Southampton, UK

Title: Event Analysis of Systemic Team-work (EAST) - a method for Socio-Technical Systems Design and Evaluation

CV: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/engineering/about/staff/ns4c08.page


In this keynote address, I will present the Event Analysis of Systemic Team-work (EAST) method as a way of modelling the complexity of Socio-Technical Systems. This method models systems in terms of task, social and information networks. Task networks model the relationships between tasks, their sequence and interdependences. Social networks model the communications taking place between the actors and agents working in the system. Finally, information networks model the information that the different actors and agents use and communicate during task performance. I will show how these models can be used to compare performance and test resilience in a range of sociotechnical systems.